Bali cuca restaurant Cuca is a revelation. A tapas bar, not quite. A cocktail lounge, perhaps. A dessert table, that too. But, Cuca in fact is all of these and then some. From the moment you drive up, you know you’re in for a treat. Greeted by subtley lit coconut palms and an expanse of beautifully manicured gardens, you are at once both relaxed and excited to enter this delightful gourmet mecca. Opened in Jimbaran, Bali, in July 2013, by dynamic couple, Kevin and Virginia Entizne, it was destined to be a success. With Kevin designing the menu and Virginia bringing her flair and style to everything else, Cuca is a dream true for the couple and a must visit dining destination for any visitor to Bali. So of course, this was exactly what we did. What followed was an exceptional evening of mindblowing tapas, chic cocktails, delectable desserts and outstanding service. From the moment the Bali Mary arrived, Cuca’s take on the Bloody Mary , so pretty with its fresh tomato puree ice cubes, it was clear that this was not to be a regular dinner out. We first sat in the dining room but then decided to move to the food bar which overlooks the kitchen to watch the magic happen. Chef Kevin was away at the time and in his absence Cuca was in the capable hands of young William. T o Re a d T h e Fu l l Articl e : 84 CLICK HERE urbanlifenstyle.com 85