Bali Waroeng Djamoe One of the highlights of Tugu has got to be the Waroeng Djamoe Spa. For centuries the people of Java, the Peranakan, and the people of Bali have been adhering to their authentic indigenous health treatments that we now call “spa”. 80 These traditions combined aspects of spirituality with the physical healing arts to achieve the ultimate in mind, body and soul harmony to enhance total deep relaxation. For the higher castes a certain ambience was created, some called it ‘magic’ whereby the secluded atmosphere and the ministrations of the healer would bring a kind of hypnosis on the patient and it would send them into a state of peacefulness. spa at tugu hotel Healers, knowing much about the power of nature, its affect on our sense of smell, the ability of its colours to elevate or soothe the mind, used ‘magical’ flowers to create the atmosphere of the treatment rooms. These flowers, Frangipani, Tropical Magnolia, Rose, Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang are believed to be the flowers of the supreme deities. Incense, or ‘dupa’ as it is called, also has magical properties, certain of which are used at specific times and for specific purposes. To Read The Full Article CLICK HERE urbanlifenstyle.com 81