Bali Merapu svaasthya spa at desa seni Which Means Spiritual Forces of Wellness Just the short walk to the spa on the grounds of Desa Seni has you anticipating the relaxation to come. Desa Seni has been designed to be a spa within itself and this is evident wherever you look. Colourful flowers and gardens line your way and the subtle fragrances drifting on the air create a serene & harmonious atmosphere that welcomes the visitor. Housed in one of the beautifully reconstructed traditional Indonesian dwellings, Merapu Svaasthya is a haven of peace and solitude. 76 The spa uses only natural, alcohol and wax free products sourced from the island and many are produced from the gardens at Desa Seni itself. A team of specialists, each in their own area, are ready to greet you and offer you a treatment designed to bring you the best results. One wall of the room was completely open with a light curtain creating privacy yet allowing the natural sounds and smells of the outside in. The caress of the gentle breeze on my skin and Putu’s firm yet gentle ministrations set the scene for me to become properly relaxed and hence, fall sound asleep. I was only awakened by the sound of gong that announced the end of the session. I would go so far as to call them ‘healers’ as each one has a different skill set from being a qualified massage therapist to a master in Chinese Traditional Medicine. My hubby did the Aura Chakra Healing, his therapist, Nyoman was a quiet guy with a very spiritual demeanour and surprisingly firm voice. The objective of the Aura Chakra Healing is to align the energy in the body. He spoke of how to do so and how to use colour in your life to help. I opted for the signature Desa Seni signature massage and the therapist Putu worked her magic for over an hour. To say I was relaxed and completely at peace would be an understatement. She truly did have the magic touch. urbanlifenstyle.com While I was waiting for hubby to return I picked up a copy of Kula, which means community, and is also the title of the free magazine available at Desa Seni which has interesting articles about wellness and spirituality in it. I asked Agung about it and he explained that it was Desa Seni’s own publication and was distributed at various points in Bali. When you’re next in Bali, do get your hands on a copy, it is simply excellent. All in all, this was by far one of the most interesting experiences we’ve had and I for one was already making plans to return even before I had finished my lemongrass tea which was served after the massage. 77