Situated just a short walk away from Echo Beach, Villa Echo is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a busy day of shopping or sightseeing. And the sparkling pool with its red loungers is so inviting as you open the door to villa that you may not even want to leave to go and do that shopping anyway. Offering more than just a place to lay your weary head, the villa comes with a fully equipped kitchen and offers a sense of what Balinese outdoor living is really about as both the kitchen and lounge are ‘outside’ so to speak. VIDEO Our first day at the Villa marked the perfect start to our getaway. As we lay by the pool we decided that perhaps a massage was in order after the long flight and to our delight, we did not even have to leave our loungers. Villa Echo beach Family Fun in The Sun 72 A short chat with one of the efficient staff and two hours later, two delightful ladies arrived at our door. This was to set the tone for the next few days. How delightful! We finally ended up having a different type of massage a day for every day of our vacation, including a Shirodara oil massage, which is said to activate the “Third Eye”. Also included is a private vehicle with its own driver who will take you anywhere on the island that you want. Our driver, Wayan, became more than just the driver, offering interesting information about both the place and the people and sharing what he thought were the most popular eating spots and other places that might be of interest to us. Most exciting is that though Villa Echo is a ‘self catering’ unit you don’t need to miss the comforts of a hotel. A private chef is also included, who will cook you anything you like as well as do all the shopping. With so much on offer, Villa Echo is perfect for the family. To Read The Full Article: urbanlifenstyle.com Bali Travelling with the family can be fun. A little daunting at times but still fun. Finding a place that is both family friendly and feels like home can be a little tricky. Villa Echo is both of these. CLICK HERE 73