I loved walking here in the evenings, the roads are dark with an occasional cow for company and loads of scooters whizzing by but there was something about strolling along the road, passing the gasoline vendor whose neighbour was a supermarket whose neighbour was a bar right next to a money changer that was comforting in a strange way. Be warned, although the roads are not as scary as Thailand, they’re scary enough and as you venture out toward Seminyak or another area, the traffic can be overwhelming. On the other side of Echo Beach is another strip of sand, Batu Bolong Beach. What was once a quiet area is becoming more and more popular by the day, but again, these are not white sandy beaches....but surfers and sun worshippers alike love it here. Probably because it is so much quieter than Seminyak or Kuta where you cannot go five minutes without a vendor trying to sell you something. Even the beaches are pitch black and if you want to cross the rocks and sand to join the festivities at Sand Bar, your trusty torch on your mobile phone is definitely required. The first night I saw these ‘little white lights’ in the distance I was confused and just couldn’t understand what it was.....until I tried crossing the rocks. Frankly, I loved this area. Sure it does not have strips of five star hotels and white sandy beaches but it has character. I loved driving by the authentic Balinese homes and paddy fields. Even the makeshift roads were quaint. The trip into Seminyak or Kuta is not too gruelling if you want to go and see what it is all about, but if you’re thinking of staying here and commuting in daily, forget it. The short distance becomes nothing more than a pain in the neck, between the traffic and the heat, you would be far better off the just enjoying Canggu for what it is. Canggu is a small area but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can walk everywhere, if you do choose to do so, walk along the beaches. They may each have different names but essentially are the same strip of sand broken up by rivers or villages. The roads are small and most times just wide enough to let a single car by. If you’re good on two wheels, grab yourself a scooter which is not difficult to rent. 66 urbanlifenstyle.com 67