To the right and across the sand and rocks are quite a few ‘warungs’ that double as surfboard rental shops and bars alike. The most popular is Sand Bar with its colourful beanbags set amongst low lying rocks. But it’s at night or rather during the wee hours of the morning that these places come alive with what is referred to as ‘parties’. If you’re a sun lover or surfer, be sure to get to the beach early or else the loungers will be gone and you may have to spread your towel on the black sand for which the beach is known. The evenings start out at one or the other cool places to hang out, like Old Man’s or La Dunia but as they start closing from 12pm, the party moves to the beach. Complete with DJ, lights and even light snacks for partygoers, these sessions can go on until the sun rises once again and the beach goers return for another day in the sun. Echo Beach is at the end of Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan Road, and as you get to the end there are bars and cafes to the left like Sticky Fingers, Dian Cafe and Sate Bali, these are great places to enjoy a sunset cocktail. 64 urbanlifenstyle.com In my humble opinion, Echo beach is not the best for swimming but excellent for surfing or just chilling in the sun. 65