11 12 1 10 2 9 3 8 4 7 6 5 S Time to Fly!! It’s just about time to start gearing up for that well deserved vacay in the sun. But before you start dreaming about Pina Colada’s and suntan oil remember you’ve got to fly there first!! It’s all in the detail....so don’t forget to be flight ready before you are beach dreaming! Pre-book your seat, whether you’re using an agent or booking online this allows you to choose where exactly you want to sit. 58 Order your on flight drinks without ice....the onboard water is teeming with bacteria. Always keep a light jersey or hoodie in your hand luggage as it can get pretty chilly on those long flights and the on board blankets are definitely not your duvet from home. urbanlifenstyle.com If you have people picking you up at your destination, always allow time for yourself to clear customs, as with all airports parking outside can be tricky so rather add at least 20 minutes onto your arrival time. a a n o b wu Either before you actually get there, or on board learn a few local phrases, like please, thank you, and hello. It shows you’ve taken a real interest and when you greet someone in their native tongue it’s a great icebreaker and I find it tends to warm the locals to you a little. 59