With almost 2500 kilometers of coastline in Mozambique, there are destinations all along the beach that take travellers back to the way life used to be. Pristine private islands and white sands with warm waters have been offering Durbanites a ‘go to’ destination for decades. The epitome of small, local establishments run up the coast from Vilanculos to Pemba Island, with diving, swimming with whale sharks, boating and cocktail drinking the entire way. Azura Retreats Benguerra Island, a flight away from Durban and Joburg, is a perfectly private dream, with only 20 villas, designed in the ultimate beach style. The classic m luxury of the property and pal the tree coastal atmosphere is light and lavish holiday you love. 56 Just a 4x4 ride away, through quite a lot of ‘nothingness,’ you can find all types of adventure in the vast Namibian landscape. It’s a place to be at one with yourself because really there’s not much more to do. Where the roads are mainly unpaved and wild horses roam free (I once saw a cheetah under a tree on the side of the road there) Namibia is ideal for internalizing, reflecting and finding inner peace amongst the most magnificent beauty. We are the luckiest wanderers in the world to be right here in Southern Africa, the place that built our travel roots. Orange rolling dunes, like Sossusvlei, that seemed larger than life, will humble you as you try to climb them before sunrise. Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Etosha National Park offer diverse destinations that can all be included in one remarkable trip. urbanlifenstyle.com 57