beauty BUY 1. Choose the colour bronzer Bronze Yourself Summer’s here, which means it’s the perfect time to show off a radiant, sun kissed complexion. When it comes to applying a bronzer like a pro, the golden rule is to use as little product as possible so that the end result is believably natural. Too much bronzer and the wrong shade can completely ruin your look. We’ve rounded up some steps to show you how to apply a bronzer like a pro: It’s essential to choose the colour bronzer that best works for your skin tone, generally the bronzer should be two shades darker than your natural skin tone. 2. Use a specialized bronzer brush BUY BUY 3. Check the bronzer application The brush must be firm and able to buff and contour the right amount of bronzer into your skin. This should provide a smooth, even application.(Usually a bronzer brush is wide, fluffy with a rounded top) 3. Swirl the brush evenly in the bronzer Remember a little goes a long way, buff the bronzer onto your face in the shape of the number 3 starting from the top of the forehead, cheekbones, and down along your jawline. Use very light strokes and ensure that you focus on areas that are exposed to the sun. Buff another application onto your neck to blend face, neck, and body colour together for a seamless effect. To get that natural glowing look make sure that when applying a bronzer you have sufficient light. Check if your application is not too much, If too much, blend it down evenly with a cotton pad using a light hand circular motion, this helps build up smooth sheer layers. BUY BUY 1. Nars / 2. Bobbi Brown / 3.Rimmel / 4.Givency Bronzer brush / 5. Ulta Bronzer 44 urbanlifenstyle.com 45