fashion 6. 9. TRACKSUITS: These should be replaced with stylish athletic wear. I have yet to see anybody looking chic in a tracksuit. DENIM ON DENIM: The golden rule with denim, is to never wear the same weight denim together. In other words don’t dress in denim from head to toe, matching it exactly. Wear a denim jacket with a different texture bottom. Look for something that is tailored for your body shape, as denim jackets are often shapeless and boxy. 7. WRINKLED CLOTHING: If you notice that your garments are unpressed, then everyone else will. Invest in travel steamer for those last minute fixes. This just takes you from looking sloppy and thrown together, to polished in an instant. 8. PANT LENGTH: This has to be a make or break of an outfit for me. There are numerous blogs that discuss this in detail. Too long and you will make yourself look shorter and fatter. Take up the hem if there are bunches of fabric around your ankles. TIP: When altering make sure you have shoes on that you are going to wear with those particular pants. I came across a survey that was done in America, where they looked at the worst fashion faux pas. Too much animal print took the lead at 25%, with visible bra straps and too tight clothing close behind. Others were evening wear during the day, track suits, childish footwear, scrunchies and denim on denim. Develop your own sense of style and don’t become a slave to fashion. Buy what suits YOU. Happy shopping! Your friend in fashion Tracey xx 42 urbanlifenstyle.com 43