Whilst we should all have our own personal style, there are a few “no no’s” that we should avoid. Things that pop to mind immediately are a wrinkled blouse or clothes that are too small! Here is what not to do to stay fashion forward! 1. 4. WEARING SHOES YOU CANNOT WALK IN: If the shoes don’t fit, then don’t wear them. If you are unsteady in heels, then stay away from them. VISIBLE BRA STRAPS: Either conceal them or make them intentional. There is nothing worse than having bra straps showing, when they really are not supposed to be. Confidence comes from feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. If your feet are killing you, believe me it will show on your face. 2. OVER ACCESSORISING: Think less is more with accessories. Focus on wearing one accent piece, and then tone down the rest. If for example you are wearing an eye catching bold necklace, then opt for a pair of understated earrings. You don’t want to start looking like a Christmas tree. 3. FIT IS VITAL: This is one thing that I talk to people about all the time. Wear what size you are now. As much as we would love to be the same size that we were at 18, at 40, this generally will not be the case. You are the only one who knows what is written on the size label. 40 urbanlifenstyle.com There are so many options available that allow you to not have them showing, invisible straps, strapless bras etc. Consider this when buying anything that may not work with a conventional bra. 5. LEGGINGS: We all love them, they are comfortable and easy to style. Worn with oversized tops and long shirts are fine, but don’t wear them as pants with a short tee or crop. It’s especially not okay when they are worn and become see-through. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak Rachel Zoe 41