Chef Chris Salans Humble and gracious in the face of astonishing success Chef Chris Salans is everything I expected him to be and then nothing that I expected him to be. There are no airs and graces about him. Chris is approachable and a genuinely nice guy. He arrived at the restaurant looking chilled and relaxed in sweatpants and trainers and I was immediately put at ease. It is hard to believe that the guy who just cycled to work for the first time is the same chef who has cooked for the Indonesian president, Jimmy Carter and various celebrities. No stranger to the culinary world, Chef Owner of the famous Mozaic restaurant in Bali, Chris Salans has worked in Michelin starred restaurants from France to the United States. It was while he was at Bouley’s Restaurant in New York that he first discovered his love for Asian cuisine and when he was offered the opportunity as Head chef at The Legion suites in Bali he accepted without hesitation. He returned to the United States for a while but missed the allure of the islands and once again packed his bags for mystical Bali. His wife is Indonesian so Chris also had the opportunity to enjoy Indonesian cuisine right at the source, at home. His experience of the traditional cooking styles combined with his modern techniques paved the way for a unique take on Balinese cuisine. This was the beginning of Mozaic. The style is a perfect balance and blend of Indonesian flavour, Western technique and presentation. It is no wonder that Mozaic has since topped the awards and accolades listings since its inception including features in The New York Times and a place among the best in the world with a listing in the 100 Best Restaurants in the World in the 2009 San Pellegrino Guide and a third year in the Top 10 of the Best restaurants in Asia, in the 2010 Miele Guide. Chef Chris Salans is now invited to culinary events worldwide as a Master Chef to represent Indonisia. He has also gone on to publish a cookbook, Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours in 2011 and opened Spice By Chris Salans, a relaxed gastropub in Ubud and just recently another in Sanur with a third said to open in Seminyak soon. To Read The Full Article: 112 urbanlifenstyle.com CLICK HERE 113