Chef Kevin Cherkas It is no surprise then that his culinary journey has earned him many awards along the way including gold and silver medals at the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs national and regional competitions in 2003, a gold medal at the USA Chicago Culinary Salon Team Canada 2001, amongst many others. Read more about Chef Kevin Cherkas We catch up with Kevin From Three Michelin starred restaurants such as Arzak in San Sebastian and El Bulli in Spain as well as Daniel owned by legendary Daniel Boulud in New York City, chef Kevin Cherkas has come a long way from his home in Canada. Honing his culinary skills has seen him travel across continents and into some of the finest establishments in the world. What is Virginia’s favourite meal that you cook for her: Virginia loves simple Spanish food, so anything well executed and traditional always makes her happy. One of her absolute favourites is braised oxtail. Who’s the boss: you or Virginia Easy question. Virginia is the director of Cuca. I am the chef. I play a role as all the staff do in the big movie of Cuca, but Virginia’s job is to direct and make sure everything gets done and done well. You cannot compare the two jobs. Virginia is very good at conducting the orchestra and I happen to play an instrument well. Favourite curse word in the kitchen: Hostia. The first word I learned in Spain when the chef of Arzak dropped his helmet on his foot. It hurt and he said Hostia. We use it because no one understands it and we love our team and would never say anything to offend them. Secret ingredient you love to work with: Chili. In large amounts it creates heat but in small quantities it gently warms the mouth and makes food exciting. Playing with spice like chili is our weapon of choice. Who influenced your cooking style the most: Daniel Boulud. His food is delicious. Delicious food is the most important aspect of cooking. Everything else is wallpaper but taste matters the most. A Chef whose cooking style you really admire and why: Christian Puglisi. He uses only a few ingredients to create a dish. I respect that, it shows maturity, confidence and respect for ingredients. It’s not easy to make very little, very good. Worst kitchen nightmare: Oh, where to begin. Today, this week, last month, or when? It must be when I forgot and overcooked a sole fish in Arzak. To Read The Full Article: 102 urbanlifenstyle.com CLICK HERE 103