UP MAGAZINE Vol 7.07 Photography Issue - Page 9

a new pair? Come check out the Sneaker Conference at The Alchemist for a full day of buying, selling, and trading. Bring your kicks to sell or trade and be sure you’re ready to cop because there will be amazing stuff available! oppression, and offers a rare opportunity to conceive potential policy actions in solidarity with those undermined, to do more, take us further, and to enable us to act in ways that lead to radical actions. Some of the exhibiting artists will be Ngendo Mukii, Samuel Githui, Michael Mungai and many others. The artwork will be exhibited in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. 50 % of the proceeds from the sale of artwork will be donated to towards assisting victims of human trafficking. 13TH 13TH THE PLOT: FEATURING GINUWINE, MYA & 112 WATERFRONT, NGONG RACECOURSE The Plot, Kenya’s biggest throwback event is back, featuring some of the biggest hip-hop and R&B names from the 90’s. Property Reality Company and The Plot are bringing you three big acts at once: Ginuwine , Mya and 112. The Plot will take place at The Waterfront , Ngong Racecourse on 13th August and will mark both the celebration of the growth of the company’s business, as well as the move towards making the ownership of land even more of a possibility for Kenyans. Tickets for the event are available on Ticketsasa and the prices are as follows: Arena – KES 5,000 VIP – KES 10,000 VVIP – KES 20,000 LIMITLESS NAIROBIANS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 910 JAMES GICHURU It’s sad how we only celebrate or remember our country on specific occasions like holidays, when politics is involved or when a terror attack happens. On the 13th of August, come to Limitless Nairobians and celebrate our beautiful country as you party for a good cause. Celebrate being a limitless Nairobian Dress Code: African Tickets are KES 700 in advance and KES 1,000 at the gate. KES 3, 000 will get you a VIP ticket plus a 750ml bottle of William Lawson Whiskey. KES 6, 000 for all you can eat & drink! KIDAWA NATURAL AND ORGANIC MARKET FOOD COURT FIRST WEEKEND OF EVERY MONTH Discover the latest in natural and organic innovations from new start-ups showcasing natural beauty & wellbeing. Kidawa Natural and Organic market is every first weekend of the month. Free entry! KASHMIR ARTS EXHIBITION HALL 2ND AUGUST TO 15TH AUGUST If you missed the special offers from Kashmir Arts, they make a return in August bringing in their unique collection of furniture and soft furnishings, add warmth to your home with their new and vintage collection. Free entry! KENYA AIR TRAVEL EXPO 2016 ROOFTOP PARKING 6TH AUGUST TO 7TH AUGUST The Kenya Air Travel Expo 2016 makes its debut to provide you with a multifaceted view of opportunities in the air travel industry in Kenya and beyond. Free entry! FLOWERS & ORGANIC FARMERS MARKET ROOFTOP PARKING 20TH AUGUST, 10AM TO 3PM Come shop for fresh, organic and local farm produce at the Village Market Rooftop. Free entry! SUNNY DAZE EXHIBITION HALL 17TH AUGUST TO 31ST AUGUST With the end of the African winter, it is time to enjoy the outdoors with serene chill outs and family cook outs. Sunny daze offer a wide array of garden furniture and accessories to spruce up your exteriors for life on the sunny side. Free entry! 13 TH ARTS TO END SLAVERY SHIFT EYE GALLERY Arts to End Slavery (A2ES) is an awareness raising art project that aims to bring attention to human trafficking in Kenya. Developed and launched in 2015 by Nairobi based NGO, Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) this year’s installation it is partnering with PAWA 254.This exhibition suggests the need to dismantle all forms of VILLAGE PLANNER (Village Market) 13TH THE BARN SYNERGY KAREN VILLAGE Karen Village, Labdi Ommes and Tetu Shani bring to you the Barn Synergy: a cosy bonfire experience with great music, cocktails and delicious bitings. FRom 6:00PM to 11:00PM, enjoy a chilled out NAICCON ROOFTOP PARKING 27TH AUGUST TO 28TH AUGUST All gamers and comic enthusiasts hear this clarion call, come adorned in your favourite comic book or game character’s outfit! The Nairobi Comic Convention (NAICCON) marks its fourth edition showcasing local and international comics, gaming, animation & visual arts in general. Participants are gathered from various facets of the creative industry such as comic book artists, writers, illustrators, game developers, gaming distributors, animation artists and cosplayers. Free entry! KENYA FASHION AWARDS ROOFTOP PARKING 3RD SEPTEMBER 2016 The Kenya Fashion Awards is an awarding prestigious trade mark event that incorporates fashion, music, photography and art to create a magical runway experience and recognize and award the most talented in the fashion industry. HEDGEHOG CREATIVE EXHIBITION HALL 8TH SEPTEMBER TO 16TH SEPTEMBER Hedgehog Creative has one of the best collections of musical instruments in East Africa, from acoustic, bass and electric guitars, amplifiers, pianos, violins, banjo, mandoline, drums and other very cool instruments for professional musicians and beginners in general. Free entry! KIDS DAY FOOD COURT 10TH SEPTEMBER, 10AM TO 6PM Bring the kids to Village Market to enjoy exciting, educational, fun packed activities such as kids and canvas, science experiments, story-telling, LEGO Event, wood workshop, clay workshop, arts & crafts & so much more. Free entry! GIRLFRIEND’S CONFIDENTIAL WITH OYUNGA PALA & GUEST SPEAKER RENEE NGAMAU EXHIBITION HALL 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2PM TO 5P B\YX\&\[[Y][ۈق\Y[8&\ۙY[X[^\Y[KHX[][][8'\Y[&x&H]\ۛX ]ܚ[\BYXKHXH܈[H[[\\Y[]YK\H[\Y[Y]ۈ[™H\Y\[[\ ݙH[]\][[]Y[YH[HBPHTT‘VPUSӈSNTSPT TSPTXH[\\\\\H[\H[[\\B[]H^][Z\\\X[[X[\\H[KH\\XZHBYXX]H[YHX\]]Z\[\[\X[ۋYH[HB۝XYZ[[Y[X\][XKH܈ 8$ L  L܈Y][ۘ[]Z[‚