UP MAGAZINE Vol 7.07 Photography Issue - Page 4

UP FRONT wire The Editor welcomes comments and opinions on stories we carry in UP Magazine and other topical issues. Email: info@upnairobi.com Twitter: @UpNairobi | Facebook: UP Magazine 300 metres #M7challenge — the proposed height of the Hass Towers, currently under construction in Upperhill, making it the tallest building in Africa. — the hashtag inspired by Ugandan President Museveni’s roadside phone call that spawned a viral twitter meme fest. 1 million views “My foot slipped” in 4 days — the — Koffi Olomide, in regional record breaking statistics for Diamond Platinumz’ ‘Kidogo’ video on youtube response to the viral footage of him kicking his dancer that resulted in his expulsion from Kenya 784,000 — the 22 — the number of awards that Kenya received at the 23rd World Travel Awards, including Africa’s Leading Airline (Kenya Airways) and Africa’s Leading Destination for Meetings and Conferences (Nairobi) number of Instagram followers of Huddah the Boss Chick, the most followed Kenyan on Instagram (besides Lupita Ny’ongo) 40 million “Corn Meal KES — the cost Mush” — how Ugali of Chris Kirubi’s new Mercedes Maybach was ͍ɥȁѡѕ́)ѡI%<؁ѕɥ())ѡٕͅѥQݥѕȀUA9ɽ(U@5饹ȁݕͥєܹɽѕ́ݡЁԁѡЁѡ́ѡȁѽɥ́ԁ͕)ѡ饹́ԁɕ()ܹɽ((()՝Ѐ((