UP MAGAZINE Vol 7.07 Photography Issue - Page 3

UPFRONT “ “ The role of photojournalism in illustrating societal problems cannot be understated...In this issue we see Nairobi and Kenya in a new visual light. W elcome to issue 7.07 of UP Nairobi. We have put together an exciting visual edition that focuses on photography and its impact on our society. Photography has lately gone full circle. It was beneficial to advertising and PR in the 80’s, in fact both would have been none existent were it not for photojournalism. Now, we see the same trend in our world today. The use of photography to sway the opinions and consumer habits of the general population in a way that is unmatched in human history. Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms have enabled people from all walks of life to tell their stories and to economically benefit in the process. Our cover image is by Georgina Goodwin. Born and raised in Nairobi, she has emerged as remarkable visual story teller covering important social and environmental stories in Kenya and around the African continent. As a photojournalist she has become extremely influential in conveying important social issues that affect Nairobi to a local and international audience. The role of photojournalism in illustrating societal problems cannot be understated. It’s popularity and ability to reach mass audiences through the use of news magazines and in our current digital age, on social media sites, is unprecedented. In this issue we see Nairobi and Kenya in a new visual light. We have three profiles of well known Nairobi photographers: Jahawi Bertolli, Mutua Matheka and Biko Wesa that explore their intimate relation with images and their making of them. Each has a different passion but uses photography to manifest images of their world view. Modern technology has in this age allowed us to manipulate images in any way we please. In the age of digital photography it is hard to believe everything that is presented as a photograph anymore? Our man about town Karanja Nzisa addresses the visual culture of selfies in the age of social media. Indeed, self portraiture on social media has become a norm and an everyday means of self expression which encourages its creators to distribute intimate instants of their lives — as well as engage in a form of ingenious self-fashioning. It may at times seem to be a trivial expression of online narcissism but the selfie is much-loved and detested in equal measure: yet it thrives as one of the most effective mediums of self characterisation. Could this be the millennial’s means of political opposition, a rebellion, a form of aesthetic resistance? We thank you for your continued support as we strive to bring you a better looking and informative magazine that ALL Nairobians can find useful and proud to be associated with. Happy reading! Editorial & Creative Director Rand Pearson Commercial Director Sapna Chandaria Consulting Managing Editor Alexandra Hickok Smith Associate Editor Olivia Kidula Web & Digital Anthony Mwangi Graphic Designer Rachel Mwangi Sales and Marketing Rose Shabaya Icons Artwork: Denis Muraguri Cover Artwork: Georgina Goodwin Advertising, subscriptions, back issues and inquiries: Mondeas Limited, P.O Box 678 - 00621 Village Market | Nairobi Editorial enquiries T: +254 20 4400772, Commercial enquiries +254 722 514 049 info@upnairobi.com, www.upnairobi.com Disclaimer Readers are advised to make appropriate enquiries and take appropriate advice before sending money, incurring any expenses or entering into binding commitment in relation to an advertisement. UP magazine shall not be liable to any persons for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of his/her accepting or offering to accept an invitation contained in any advertisement published in this magazine. www.upnairobi.com 3 August 2016