UP MAGAZINE Vol 7.07 Photography Issue - Page 23

photograph past the driver. There’s always something going on in the city, or some new angle to capture. Photographing products and people on top of the KICC, with a 360 degree view of my home city all around me and the Ngong hills in the distance, is always a favourite. I remember racing from one end of the 22nd floor of Nyayo House in downtown Nairobi to the other photographing President Obama’s motorcade for Agence FrancePresse was exciting and nerve-racking, the pressure of missing him, not getting good enough images from such a fleeting moment, and having to file the images to Paris straight away, alone on that whole floor just with my camera and laptop. Again for Agence France-Presse trying every conceivable route to find a way into Nairobi University grounds alongside literally thousands coming to see Pope Francis amidst canopies of umbrellas and heavy rain… that was a favourite experience but not an easy day! Definitely one of the things I do like is photographing a march or demonstration in downtown Nairobi. It takes over the whole road, double lane highways thick with people with a mission, there is something exhilarating about having the City give way, cars and bystanders stop, the freedom to be there and document it is quite something. Some of my favourite subjects to capture are women. I love shooting stories on women. There is something very special about being a woman photographing a woman’s story, an unspoken understanding and trust. The strength women show me, how they have overcome the odds, how they move through their life towards their goals. As well as women’s stories I particularly enjoy shooting human stories – people lives how they live them where they live them, who they share their life with, what they feel they want to share from their experiences. I learn so much about myself through my photography I want to share the experience with other by connecting them to the lives of others through images. There are so so many people out there who have incredibly difficult lives and yet they keep their smile and their dignity. It inspires me everyday. Moving around the city as a white Kenyan girl with a camera isn’t always the easiest thing! It’s not so easy to blend in having white skin so not only does that attract attention but so does my big black camera. Mostly people just think I’m another mzungu from another country, I’m treated with caution, perhaps a little suspicion but always with respect. Once people know who I am, that I’m a Kenyan, yes a white one but a Kenyan nonetheless I have friends for life. I’m treated with real depth, love and warmth people open up their homes and their lives. I am humbled often. “ cover PHOTOGRAPHY I love shooting stories on women. There is something very special about being a woman photographing a woman’s story, an unspoken understanding and trust. “ Georgina Goodwin on a assignment given the wide range of assignments that I do and variety of types of images my clients need. Also on assignments I use my 70-200mm lens which gives a very creative shallow depth of field, adding more variety for my clients. I tend to use my fixed lenses, 24mm, 40mm and 50mm, when I’m working on my own personal photography projects because I have more time to create to think to look for and find the images, I can work slower [][ܙH\\[ۈ[[x&[Hۈ[\YۛY[܈HY[\H\[HXY[Kܚ[]^Y[XZ\YH[[ܙK™ۈ[܈][XY\H[XZHH]x&[HYZ[\[B[[و]^Y[YK\H\]X[\\H[[XKX[HܚY\[ ][Y[܈YH[ H[H\H܈\X[[\[HX\ZBX\H[HY[ZH[[\\[ܘ\KHY[Y[[BYYZHو\HX[HYYXH]H\[BY&]][ۛ][\\\H\ˈHYXۙ[ܘ\B[ܘ\HXY^[\H[\Y[HZ[˜Xܘ\]X\H[ ][HY\ˈH[Yو[XY\ݙ\[۝XZ][[[XYHوHY]Z][][H]\[XYHقH[ۙ\\[[H[Y\H]H[H[[XH[YBܘ\\وHYX\۝\ۙHH][]XY[ۙHBZˈHۈ\]][ۜˈ]\[]HY\\H]BY][\K]YHYHH[\YH] HY[Hܘ\[Hܝ[و[[[X[[[[HH H[[\Y\]؜[YH[Y[[؜ܙ]Y\[H\\[˂]8&\ LHYX\]\[\H\[]X[X\X\\ ^\Y[H[\K]8&\HZ\܈و^HYK^Hܘ\HY\YB][[ۛX[[KX\[][X]\ܛ[B[H][YHH]ܛH\H]H^\Y[KH\H[ۈ QX\RRHX\H[ۙ\[[Y\K[[YB[܈[\H]X[]H[XY\ˈ^HܚܜH[\ LL [[BX[YHݙ\H[Hو[\Y][\HX\\BHXH[\ۘ[و\܈[\]^[•YH[ܙHو[ܙ[x&\ܚ˙[ܙ[Y[H܈\ۂ[Yܘ[H[XB˝\Z\ؚKB‚]Y\ M