UP MAGAZINE Vol 7.07 Photography Issue - Page 17

profile PHOTOGRAPHY ket. It has to be registered, advertised, pay taxes, etc. Are you able to make a decent living out of your trade or do you have to make do with side hustles? I live exclusively from photography. It is said that everybody is photographer these days, is that accurate? What distinguishes you from the 1 million Nairobians that own a smartphone and are on the ready to make that picture that goes viral in a matter of hours? Yes. “Everybody” these days is a photographer. All you need is a camera, right? Of course not. It’s a fad that comes and goes. The majority of my friends who used to shoot together six years ago don’t shoot anymore. The truth is, I’m not trying to distinguish myself, I’m trying to be true to myself. If I am, I believe I will be different from everyone else. How does photography contribute to the building of a cohesive Kenyan society, or how has it not? Photography is a medium of telling stories. For a long time, we have had our stories told by foreigners. Eve [وH\ܞHHX\[\ܚ][HܙZYۙ\ˈܚY\\H[\\ˈ[\H\H[KH[وܚY\HXܘ\H\ˈ\\HHYY[[ܙHܚY\[HYY\[[ܙH[X[ܚY\ ܈ܚY\H[X[K\\۸&]YX[\ܚX[ܚY\ۛK]YX[HYYܙX]H\ۂ[\Y\[^][\H[H[Xܘ[KX][XY\H[Hوܘ\HH\۸&][YH]H[B][Y]YX]\H^H[H\[\[K\X]\H\HY\۸&]YX[^H\H[\Y Hق[ܘ[X\[\H[ۛHH]]\[ ]YHۛšY[H[[[\Y XH[&]]JH܈[[\YˈHH\XZ\[K[H\KZ\ؚH H]]XHX]ZBX]]H] Z\ؚHБ H]]XHX]ZB˝\Z\ؚKBM‚]Y\ M