UP MAGAZINE Vol 7.07 Photography Issue - Page 13

instameets PHOTOGRAPHY the co-founder of Muse digital and writer of the blog ‘Life In Mombasa.’ Mutua, Samir and Joe are part of a community of Nairobi photographers who are arguably responsible for the recent revival of city centric photography. The first Instameet they organized was just a small gathering of like-minded people who wanted to enjoy an afternoon taking photographs. They decided to open it up to the public and have had instameets with over 100 people. Due to their popularity these three photographers organize them as often as possible. “The popularity of Instameets is because they opened up an avenue for a lot of photographers in Nairobi who were hungry for a forum to get together and shoot and gave them a chance to meet up with their friends whom they only know with an online handle and through comments,” explains Mutua. Amateurs get to hang out and see how the pro photographers they follow online actually get those stunning shots, a chance to demystify how the images they love online are actually captured. In Mombasa, Instameet organisers, including Jamila, face challenges that belie the casual energy of the instameet. According to Jamila, instameeters are afraid to take pictures in public because of the risk of theft or harassment by security forces. The Nairobi instameet organisers reiterate this issue, stating that it’s a hassle getting permits from the County and Police. Sometimes the challenge is in getting instagram users to understand the concept, as low turnouts are discouraging to the photographers. “Over the years people have learned that partnering with a brand helps. They usually have their own teams (advertising or social media agencies ) that assist in taking over a lot of the logistics as well as provide incentives to increase numbers,” says Samir. But he cautions that the uniqueness about Instameets is that it’s more about impact than numbers. Instagram, as with most social media sites, are a community building social platform first and foremost. As I speak to these passi ۘ]Hܘ\\XX[Z[YH]^H\Y[\Y[\HؘKۙHو[H]HXZ]YܛX[Z[[ˈ^H[[XY[]X]\HوBݙHو\[H]Y\^H]H[\œY[\HHۛX[X܈وH[B\X\]H[[[YY]ˈݙ\HYX\]\XYHHXH\HHܘ\X[B[[YYY]\[]H[Z[X\\قZ\\[[[XX\[H\^H]X\HX\ۙYܘ\\ZB]]XKH[[Z\ۈ[\ݙHZ\[˂ܛHY[\ۙHX\ۋH][Y[[[YY]]\]YH\H[[Y\Z[HXXوX[HوHˈH^\œx&\Hܘ\\]HX[H[YYHHXHوH[[YY] HX[Hقܙ[^\[\HHY[H[[ܛX]]HYY]\ HZ^و\X\[\]\H[[H]YY]X[HY\[[HH[ݙ\B]K[][Y\[\\\[ܙH\Bۜ[Y\و\[Hܘ\\8'[^H[Y\\H[Hو\x'HHZY H[\]Hو[[YY]ۈHؘ[[B\YۛX[ۜY]YXH[H\وHܛ ܈^[\H[Z\YH\[[YY][]X[K\[\B][[Yܘ[[Y\HHTR[\[][YH]H]\H^^KB][Y[[[YY][ZYYXY [XK][[ [K[[YY]\ܙX]Y[[\ۛY[\Bܘ\H\ۛHX][[X\[\H][[X]]\[[]H]HKXܙ[HH\8'\HوZ[[YBٙ\[ۘ[ܘ\\\][Z]HB܈X\[[^\[Y[[[ܛ 'B[[YY]\H[YYH]8%\H\YX\K\H\[H]^HYHB]K[][ܙHX][H^[[YY][\[HY\ۘZ\ؚBۈ[Yܘ[HX\HYHYX]YšYYY\[[Yܘ[HX]]Y\[Z\ؚK[\H[]YX[\H\قH[[YY][][]H]\]B][\HYYY\[ܚ\]\^LL[Y]MB^YX]HWY[[\Y[ZY[^[X]]H٘YZH\[B][\˝\Z\ؚKBL‚]Y\ M