UoP Racing Newsletters 2015 2nd issue - Page 7

rogress Aerodynamics Great news from Aerodynamics subteam! The undertray design has come on its final form and is ready for manufacturing. Moreover, the air induction for radiator cooling was finalized and CFD tested. This part will be made using Additive Manufacturing, a process well suited to its’ intrigue geometry. The DRS system is being finalized, while at the same time, front and rear wing mounts are starting being manufactured. Brakes The brake system plausibility device PCB has been manufactured and tested, together with the ready- to-drive sound PCB. At the same time, the Motec wiring loom preparation and initial setup configuration was done. Braking components are on their way here, while the pedals and pedalbox are being manufactured. Moreover, a dynamic braking simulation was done in order to initially program the regenerative braking function. Greece |uopracingteam.com| fs.uopracing@gmail.com