UoP Racing Newsletters 2015 2nd issue - Page 6

UoP5e P Powertrain-Electronics The powertrain team focused on finalizing design details and testing and manufacturing of various subsystems. A new motor controller casing was designed, which is smaller and significantly lighter. The controller’s LV connectors were wired and the system was configured in order to be ready for dyno sessions. At the same time, a new dyno control panel was manufactured. A battery mockup was built, using depleted old battery cells to allow for BMS and dyno testing. Chassis The main tasks for the chassis team was to perform all testing necessary for SES. Belt mounts, accumulator container panels, side impact structure and bulkhead samples were successfully tested. Moreover, samples using various adhesives were tested. At the same time, the team prepared the panels for cutting and bonding, while the manufacturing of the harness mounts and head restraint finished! Stay tuned to see the finished chassis in our next issue! UoP Racing Team | University of Patras | Rio, Patras 26500,