unperceived existence unperceived existence Issue 1: Madison Omahne - Page 14

To be a mother, one must let go of any preconceived notions.   To surrender control of the process to someone else to determine the final outcome; in turn, compromising the vision of the completed product.  This work mirrors the experience the artist endured throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum period with her son leaving her womb too soon and too sick for her to care for alone. Letting go of any expectations and control of her son created anxiety and doubt.  To hand over control to someone else, to accept being without her child, without knowledge of the care and nurturing that occurs when mother and infant are near.  To receive updates of the health and well-being of her child and having to visualise his existence.  To be a mother and give so much to nurture your children without recognition.  To be a mother and to give yourself value for mothering your children.  As a mother who could not physically be with her child - to know that value.  For work that is unseen - to know there is value.