unperceived existence issue 6: Laurie Schram - Page 35

SCHRAM&SANDHU aspires to be the brand everybody pretends to have always known. SCHRAM&SANDHU wants to be the lifestyle brand people try to buy into but fail to find the product for. This is a brand so intoxicating as an aspiration that no one dares to let on that they do not know where the shops are or what exactly it sells. We want to have consumers look into the window display wantonly, staring at the beautiful boxes and styling with no way in, a window display but no front door. The only way to buy into this lifestyle is by faking it and obtaining somehow it’s packaging and walking around with the SCHRAM&SANDHU carrier bag. We want for our audience to have to be consciously complicit in the pretence of their aspiration and their simulation of status. We want to entice consumers, by having our bags roam the streets on the arms of real life mannequins. Creating an image that lets the consumer create their own story for the brand. SCHRAM&SANDHU does this by being a brand with no content and no product. It could be viewed as an exercise in marketing which plants a seed that the consumer then develops and makes into a bona fide business by filling in the blanks, purely based on the strong archetypes that he or she has been indoctrinated with by successful business strategies.


Mission Statement