unperceived existence issue 6: Laurie Schram - Page 12

This is a show about a career nearly had, the unperceived existence of an almost successful career. Failing while succeeding. When a career exists just enough and just exactly not enough. An artist with a catalogue of work dating back to 2003, works seen and unseen, now mid-career asks her audience if this is really worth the effort. Every alleged opportunity asks for a new investment and new work. This work is not produced casually, it is made with dedication, there is a significant sacrifice and investment both materially and emotionally in each piece. The blood and guts of the previously most important work one has ever done cast aside like yesterday’s news, sometimes without ever being shown and sometimes entirely unacknowledged in it’s presence. Laurie Schram invites you to look at her work and take a moment to contemplate what she has achieved.

The Show