Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 3 - Page 4

From the Publisher ontinuity is a most valuable asset when running a periodical. It creates expectations, which ensure interest. Our readers expect us to keep these issues coming, and they expect certain content from us. That is good. That is what matters. C It also creates workflow. At certain times in the month, we check on each other’s work, collect it in editorial meetings, query it, send it round for comments, re- query it, get approval from stakeholders (the two guys outside the office who hold wooden stakes and shout about the color out of space or something. They’re very persistent and they have good taste), then lit on fire and started over again. It’s an organic process, but not without it’s elements of ritual. One of our rituals is serial novels and novellas. Our first one, Void, published in the last volume, was collected and published this past winter and is available on Amazon. Currently, we have two serials: Ulysses and the Fugitive, which gets better and better with each chapter, and The Meditations of Caius Caligulia, which is not published as regularly. Ulysses is up to chapter 9, now, and just missed having chapter 10 ready at the time of publication. Caligulia will probably end up taking longer than its namesake actually reigned. Such is the fitfulness of the Muse. But we aren’t just a testing-ground for indie-published novels, no sir. Let’s put a stop to that rumor, right now. In addition, we have a few flights of lighter fare. In Cantilever Jones Lands Hard, we play around with space smuggling in the universe of Chamber of Pain from two issues ago. And Breakdown, written in second-person, shows us the danger of investigating Steve Martin albums that go bump in the night, and how to solve them with banjos. Happy reading. There will be more. Thomas Fitz Publisher