Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 56

wrapped the fabric over her head, covering the tops of her ears. "Also, while I can understand spoken words, the written characters of this world are still beyond me." “All right, I guess I’ll just have to read you the dinner menu.” “That’s very kind of you.” Her smile at Ulysses was broad. “One thing I should warn you about before we get into town: public displays of affection are considered extremely rude. We can't kiss, hug, or even hold hands in public, okay? Are you ready?” he asked. Nehra responded affirmatively in her native tongue. “Then let’s go.” + + + They walked into Siem Reap and made a beeline for the part of town that Ulysses remembered from his travels, which was popular with foreigners. He led Nehra to the Krong Lounge, a restaurant that took dollars the last time he'd dined there a few years prior. The hostess greeted them and showed them to a table. With their menus in hand, Nehra muttered something unintelligible and Ulysses grinned at her to let her know he had no idea what she’d said. Her face drew up in a moue of false recrimination, and they both laughed. A server brought them water and asked if they wanted anything else to drink. Ulysses ordered he and Nehra a Kingdom Max lager, and asked for more time with the menu. The server nodded with a smile and left to fill their drink order. Ulysses began reading Nehra the menu. “Let’s see here,” he said, “we have Chha Kh'nhei, which is a spicy stir fry that usually comes with your choice of meat.” Nehra shook her head and pretended to continue reading her menu. “Ah, right. You seem to prefer the vegetarian stuff. Ah! There’s Mee Kola, which comes with fish sauce, but I'll ask if they can make you some without the sauce.”