Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 49

“Who?” “It’s me, Nehra. We’ve been sharing each other's company and traveling together. Surely you haven’t forgotten already?” Concern was apparent in her tone. Ulysses didn’t understand what was going on, but the voice had to belong to her. “Nehra?” He said. “Have you been able to speak English this whole time? What was that light? What the fuck is going on?” “I understand you might be a little… upset about all this. You must be so confused. Please look at me.” “I can’t see. The light blinded me.” “Oh, okay, well let me come to you.” Ulysses heard her footsteps shuffle around to in front of him. She must be walking so I can hear her, Ulysses thought, which made him feel a little more at ease. “Here I am.” “Yeah, that’s great, honey. I still can’t see you.” “Sorry, I should've done a better job of trying to warn you." Ulysses legs felt shaky, like he was standing on shifting ground. No, don’t pass out now, he thought. But the shaking wouldn’t stop, and it grew. He fell over onto a shrub. It took him a few seconds to realize that the ground really was shifting, and it had been joined by a low rumbling sound. Something very large was moving behind him. Ulysses looked in Nehra's direction, but could only make out a silhouette standing there. The rumbling ended a few seconds later. He was aware of a light source behind him. It was more subdued than before, possibly because of his impaired vision. Ulysses kept his eyes on Nera’s outline until it filled in with features. She looked more or less the same as before in the dark. Nehra just seemed to be missing her scarf. And then he noticed her ears again.