Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 48

Nehra looked at him and said something softly. She drew him close and kissed him ferociously. His mouth smarted from the force of her affection. What? Why here in this desert instead of Black Rock? Ulysses thought. But then Nehra abruptly detached herself from him, and handed Ulysses his hoodie and blanket, which she hadn’t taken off all evening. Then she turned away from him. “What’s up?” Ulysses said. She muttered something at him sweetly. It’s like she’s trying to reassure me or something, he thought. It was hard for Ulysses to see what Nehra was doing, but he could tell her hands were up by the sides of her head. She չݽչѡ͍ɘ͡)ѱ݅́͡她Ѽ͡ȁȁи)9Ʉ݅ѡ͍ɘѡɕ܁ѡѠѼѡȰݡɔÚ͕ЁɅ)ЁѡЁͭ丁9ѡ͕͔́ЁЁ݅эȸ!ѕѡ͍ɘ́Ё)ѽ݅ɐѡɽչЁѡѡɔ݅́Ёѡ́٥ͥ+q]Ёѡt)!եѕЁѡɥЁɈ́Ё͍Սѽͱݱѽ݅ɐѡɽչɽ՝䁙䁙)ɽݡɔ͡ѽÚ͕ѡ՝Ёͅ܁ȁЁЁձeЁѕȁɔЁѡ)ɔQЁ݅́ѽѕ͔Ѽɸɽչ)ѕȁ܁͕́Ё݅́ɬÚ͕݅́܁ݽձչѥ́)ɕٕɕ!ٕѥЁɸɽչ+qU͕tȰЁɅٽͭ)!ɽ锸+qU͕t!́ѡɴՕѥ+q t+qU͕̰ӊé