Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 44

“Sorry about that, officer. Here you are.” “Thank you,” the cop’s gaze was lingering on Nehra, who looked coquettishly back at him. The cop then said to Ulysses, “I’ll give these back to you in a minute.” Ulysses felt his stomach sink. Nehra said something high pitched and patted his hand. He looked over at her smiling face and shook his head. “No, no this is bad. Bad things could happen here,” he said. Ulysses made no attempt to conceal his fear. She chirped something at him in retort, and all he could do in response was rest his head on the steering wheel. She petted the back of his head, like he was a pet dog or something. Ulysses raised his head and sat up in the driver seat. After a few more minutes the cop approached the car with measured steps. He walked up to the driver’s side, leaving enough room for the door to open. “This car's a rental?” “Yeah,” Ulysses said, “It's a fleet car that belongs to Budget Mountain Rentals. I rented it so my friend and me could go to Burning Man.” There was no way this was a good question to be asked by a cop. “Miss? This is a car that he rented?” Ulysses was frozen to his seat, yet Nehra was all smiles. She nodded enthusiastically at the cop. The highway patrolman looked at her, blinked, and then looked at Ulysses. “Can I have a word with you, sir?” “Uh, sure.” “Step out of the car, please.” Ulysses glanced at his smiling passenger; her big blue-green eyes were playful and she giggled at him. Great, wonderful, he thought to himself. Ulysses unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door. The cop gestured for Ulysses to walk up the shoulder with him. When both were about thirty feet in front of the car, the cop turned to him. “Son, what exactly is ɔt