Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 40

"Hey," he said, "let's go back to camp, and I'll make us an early dinner. What do you think?" Nehra nodded. "Need to..." she trailed off, as she had done a few times already. There was some word or phrase she was missing or couldn't translate. "It's cool. Just keep working on it. Let talk about if over dinner, all right?" He was trying to be patient, despite his fatigue and hunger. The two of them walked back to his camp in silence. Ulysses cooked them some fake meat fajitas on the camp stove. Neither he nor Giles were vegetarian, yet they both knew that vegan meat substitutes kept for far longer while camping in the desert. It made certain comfort foods easier to have and safer to eat on the playa. When the food was ready, Ulysses assembled a fajita for each of them and took a big bite. Nehra watched him roll up his tortilla with apprehension, but then followed suit and began eating. She made a pleasant murmur. The two of them otherwise ate their meal in silence. "Ulysses?" "What's up?' "I need you to...take me somewhere." "Okay," he said, "where?" "It's...I show you." Nehra leaned over to him and placed her hand on his. She smiled her shark-like smile at him, which he tried reciprocated unsuccessfully. Ulysses felt the warmth of Nehra's hand on his, which he found strangely relaxing. He liked her, weirdness and all. Looking at her, he realized that his eyelids had gotten really heavy. Probably just the heat and post meal food coma, he thought, as he let his eyes close. He was drifting above the shade structure, floating in space. I must be lucid dreaming, he thought to himself. Then he began flying very quickly toward the road. He flew over miles of highway and local roads in seconds until he saw an empty patch of dessert. It didn't really look like much of anything.