Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 37

"What's with your ears?" He pointed to his own ears as he asked the question. "Did you get them done? Or are they naturally pointed?" Nehra responded by adjusting her wrap to cover the tops of her ears. Her stomach growled audibly. They both looked down at her midsection. "Food," she said. "Yeah, food." Ulysses said rubbing his eyes. "Let's get on that. This way." Ulysses escorted his strange bedfellow toward the shade structure. "G'day, Lee! Oh-ho, did we sleep well?" Giles began grinning at Ulysses the moment he saw Nehra enter the popup covered in shade cloth. "Morning, Giles" Ulysses said, annoyed at his friend's smile. "This is Nehra. I let her stay with me since I couldn't figure out where she's camped." "Pleasure," said Giles, "I'm sorry if I was rude to you yesterday when w e first met. But I am glad that Lee here was so selfless and gave you a place to sleep. He does snore pretty loudly, doesn't he?" "Food?" Was all Nehra said in response. "Oh, right. Yeah, we still got some granola bars, haven't we, Lee?" "Right here," Ulysses said, shooting Giles a dirty look and handing a plastic wrapped granola bar to Nehra. "You're probably thirsty too. Here's some water," he twisted the cap off a water bottle and handed it to her. Nehra drank half the bottle immediately. Then she inspected the granola bar, glanced at Ulysses, then raised it to her mouth still wrapped. "Wait, here." Ulysses said, holding up his own unopened bar. He opened the plastic and peeled it back, then took a bite. "Ah," Nehra said. She unwrapped her own bar and began chewing. "Oi, Nerha, was it? Where are you from?"