Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 36

The heat stirred Ulysses from his sleep. He opened his eyes to see Nehra staring at him; her face was inches from his. He felt his heart pound against his sternum. "Good morning," he said, trying to sound casual. She was still wearing his shirt and shorts; her hair framed her face as she stared at him with an unblinking gaze. The sheet and sleeping bag were under both their feet. He touched Nehra's foot with his and she responded in kind. Ulysses smiled at her. "I'd love to lie here and play footsie with you all day, but I think the heat might kill us. How about some food?" He gestured putting food into his mouth, and said "food" again, which she nodded to. "Food," Nehra said. "That's what I'm talking about." Ulysses sat up and reached for his clothes, then began changing. Nehra did the same. She removed the clothes Ulysses had lent her and stood naked on the bedroll. The young woman gave Ulysses a puzzled look, which he responded to by busily going through the pockets of the jeans he'd just pulled on. Nehra put her hand on Ulysses chin, and made him look her in the eyes. "What?" She said. "Sorry. It's just...well, you're gorgeous. I barely know you, and you smell amazing, and I..." "What?" "Nothing. Let's just get dressed and get some food, huh?" "Food," was all Nehra said in response. She picked up her bed sheet dress-thing and her silver head wrap. Ulysses wasn't sure either article of clothing looked like any fashion he'd ever seen before. Even the material they were made of looked weird; maybe it was just the filtered sunlight inside the tent. She slipped into the dress, and then bent at the waist so that her hair almost touched the floor. She began wrapping her hair into the mottled silver piece of fabric. Standing up straight again, she looked at Ulysses, whose turn it was to stare. "What?"