Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 34

"This is it," he said softly to Nehra. "'Hope you don't mind, but I need to change. I'm trying to keep the dust out of my bed for as long as I can." He set his flashlight down on top of one of the bins so there was ambient light inside the tent. Nehra looked at him and then glanced around the tent. Her curiosity was \\[ H]ۈB܋]Hو[\\Y HYY[\Y\[ H[Yٙ\\[]][H\YH\\[܈\B\ˈHXY\[ۈH܈^HYˈۘHHY\Y\[ \\ۋHY\[[\YX\Y ]\[[YYX][HX\]ZHY[[ݙY\XY\[YY] []ZYۈH[܋\\\H[H[H^H۝Z[\و\BY]\HY][H][^\[ۈ]ZY ]•[\\\YX\[[[]YH[Y[[[XY[Y\[H[BX[Z\وܝ[H \\ XH^[YZKHZY IHX[H\HH[œ]\HY\[]X][ۈۚY ][HZY[\KZHX\Y\\ˈH\[[YHܝ[\۝\K\Y B]Xۈ[Y][K[\\]Y]YH\H[]H\\[[XY]]ۈH܈^HY IݙH\\H[]]H[Y\ۋ[H[]HHY HZY \\[˂HY]HY[[[][KYܙHܘ][H۝] ZH]Y] [B[HXZ[Z[[^YH۝X [\\Y\HYY\YHو\X[\ܛHHXZ\Y[ˈB]Yٙ\\Y []Y]ۈH[]X[]^HHZK][HH]›[Y[]YܝXHZ[ۈ\YKY