Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 30

a magical maguffin (and Batman is the fantasy that the upper classes give a shit about the rest of us). Spiderman is a willful misreading of how radiation works. The X-Men are {Insert Minority Here}, mixed in with paranoia about the Military Industrial Complex. It's ludicrous to pretend that they're smarter than DC. They've just made better tactical choices in their movie department (not so much in the comics world, though, yeah? Get woke, go broke, dorks). At some point, I'm going to be accused of not liking comic books or some garbage. I'll have you know that I paid good money to own the final book of the The Shadow series from the 80's. Because that thing makes The Dark Knight Returns look like Strawberry Shortcake. Any art form is valid, because any art form is the expression of humans observing humanity. But do I spend waking hours describing it's coolness to others so I can be King of the Edgelords? Do I argue with nerds in comic book stores about whatever goddamn reboot they're doing now basically lacking the awareness of how life works that comics in the 80's had? No, because then I'd be one of those sad bastards who can't accept that the world goes on without you. Fuck the 80's as much as Fuck Now, is my egalitarian motto. Are you listening, Spielberg? Have you enjoyed crawling up your own asshole to make Ready Player One, Spielberg? How did it feel to shove a DeLorean in a movie for no other reason than Remember This? Did it feel weird? Good? Bad? Indifferent? I told you there would be more questions. It's time to have a talk, nerds. It's time to consider that sending death threats to people who don't like Star Wars is not a good idea, nerds. It's time to consider t ]ۙH[H[YYX]\H^H\[[\\Y[XY[[[Y[X[ۋ\XY