Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 29

That's the thing about nerds, their total inability to let things go. Their complete devotion to a piece of entertainment, to the point of making a religion out of it. There's no reason why people would take the time and money out of their lives to dress up and go to things like Comic-Con, except out of some belief that they will temporarily earn some grace from reality and escape into the world that cynical hucksters (and the odd artist) have deliberately created to insulate them from reality. Because reality is full of harsh choices and limiting truths. The real world is dark and tends towards collapse. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. Who wouldn't rather be a ninja with a twelve-foot sword? So, on we go, lining up for one more hit, just one more, so we can ride the Millennium Falcon in the Quidditch Cup and save Vulcan from the Eye of President Snow. That nagging feeling of disappointment will be stored and expressed at a safe time, perhaps three or four years later, when we admit that it is as misguided as The Phantom Menace or whoever decided The Hobbit needed to be a trilogy. We desperately need to have validation from the suits and power players, who by their choices of what to create concede, at last, that We Matter. Take that, guy who gave me a wedgie in Sixth Grade for still playing Pokemon! That's where the line still is. The definition. There's a point in your life when you put away escapism and take risks to compete in the real world, and after you do that, you regard as dipshit lotus-eating failures those who refuse that red pill. Say what you will about high school athletics, but those who participate in them have to contribute real blood, sweat, and tears to excel at them in any way, with failure and humiliation constantly in the cards. Getting run over by someone twice your size in a football game hurts on a level that someone calling you a dweeb never will. The jocks know something about actual pain: that it comes no matter what you do sometimes. Nerds still regard it as something that cries out to Heaven for Vengeance. Everything is important to nerds. I've lost my thread here, which drunk writing will do for you sometimes. I had something to say on the topic of why Marvel is so annoying. But they aren't really. They're just kind of dumb. Iron Man is Batman with