Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 25

"Sense you. They came for you. It doesn't matter why. What matters is they'll come back if they think you're going to be here. So you can't be here. I'm taking you where you belong." ... The words came pouring out of Falla. "You are the Dread One that rides the waves. You are the Sorceress of the Sword. You killed the God of Burning. You..." And Falla leaned over and was sick. Drea cleaned her off. Tygg nodded sagaciously and walked back up the runway. "You will always know," said Drea. "When Fate marks you, you always know. And you are marked, girl. You are marked for great things." "I don't understand, said Falla. "Then look and understand," she said, pointing to the porthole. And just beyond the horizon, a great stone tower jutted out of the waves, piercing the sky, and a light of peace and warmth burst gently down around it. ... Gazer saw the thread of children, the bloodline of Tygg and Drea, winding its way through long sleepy centuries and bright bloody ones, through ages of Urseth and of Azod, through rises and falls. She saw it ride south into free lands and claim crowns and slay its enemies and, in a day far far off, throw the Great Destroyer back. "Yes?" said Fredegunna. "The thread gets loose. But it endures."