Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 24

The footfalls got closer. She lurched up and with all her strength and a cry that might have been fearsome from her young slashed out wildly with her bone-tooth. It missed the barbarian's leg and she landed on the hard ground again. The tooth went out of her hands and the wind went out of her. Then she was on her back looking into the barbarian's eyes. Time... Falla thought about this, and heard her brother's voice again, telling her that he had always known about her. That she had always known. Do you remember the time you told mother about the deer father killed? It was in the morning, and father didn't get back until night. He tracked the deer all day. But you described his kill. You described it perfectly. That's when I knew....that's when I knew. ... His eyes held a mixture of bemusement and cruel laughter, but compared to what she had seen in the eyes of the Tusk men, it was at least human. He pulled her to a sitting position and with a dagger he had in his greaves he made short work of the ropes. "Come on," he said, and stood up. She watched him kick over the first Tusk man, grunt something unintelligible, and then find the second one and get his sword back. He was wiping the blade with an oilcloth when he saw that she had not moved. "Come on," he said again. "But ...." The barbarian walked back over to her. He towered over her with his hands on his hips. "Your family is dead, girl. I may have dispatched those blubbers today, but more will come. They know what you are. They can sense it." "Sense what?"