Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 21

"Tygg, be kind." "I am kind as summer." "As sunstroke..." She found this conversation odd, because she knew it was about her, but she didn't understand how. But she had an intuition that these two, at least, meant her no harm. Tygg seemed less scare now than when he was standing on the shore, sneering... That had been him, right? She heard her brother's voice. It startled her out of her reverie and nearly made her fall to the hammock. Drea was at her side. "What is it?" she said, and her voice was soft as velvet. "I..." she said, and she looked at Tygg, who regarded her with a bemused eye, but not entirely bereft of concern. She heard it again, and she put her hands to her ears. The voice was telling her something. Telling her that she was wrong, that there was something wrong with her. "No," she said "You're dead, You're Dead." Time slides... She did not know how Tollie knew that. She never got to ask him. She tore out open a shutter and ran out of their quiet dark cabin nestled up a quiet dark path in the quiet dark woods just as her mother's scream split the air behind her. She froze and in the breath she drew in allowed the enormity of that fact to settle in her heart. She wanted to run and she wanted to scream and she wanted to die, so she just froze there, not ten feet from her house, and looked at the dirty walls of it and did not know what to do. "You killed the God of Burning," said a voice that sounded like hers. Falla felt sick. "Falla!" shouted Tollie. "Run, Falla!" And Falla saw her first Tusk man.