Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 16

"I didn't find Max again and I didn't find out what happened to his goat. I didn't ask anybody about whether they heard if the Dragon was here or not. I just stayed and drank and had fun with strangers. I didn't see the girl again, or the Dragon, if that's who he was. Truth be told, I don't remember a whole lot of what followed, except it was fun. It got moderately wild but nobody called the cops. I woke up in a lounge chair by the pool the next morning and took a cab home. "Caught up with Max later that week and he told me he had a crazy time. He didn't share about the goat and I didn't ask. He asked me if I had fun and I said it was a pretty good party. He asked if he wanted to do it again and I said definitely, but in the back of my mind I couldn't get that guy saying 'Such a drag' out of my head. It was the way he said it, like a ghost, like something not there, like a husk of a thing that once held a soul but no longer did. "I don't know if that was the real Dragon or not. I don't know why she took me back there, or why he was there or what he was doing. I'm pretty well convinced the guy's a myth, even if that was him. Like the Great Gatsby: all for show. But even if that wasn't him, those words haunted me. Because no one should sound the way he sounded at a party that good. I don't care what you're on. But he didn't even see it. He didn't see anything. "I guess it stayed with me. It made me think. I've never woken up some place I didn't intend to fall asleep in again." He trailed off after that, and though I prompted him to divulge a few more details he responded only with shrugs. Eventually we just fell silent together, slowly sipping poison and knowing that it would get absorbed by the liver and not asking why we bothered. UJ