Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 2 - Page 14

"Max just said to me, 'Are you in or out,' and call it the sunken costs fallacy, but I didn't want to be out. So I played lookout, scanning my eyes over the horizon like one of those Luftwaffe prison guards, you know, Great Escape or something like that, while Max snuck over a fence, and quick as you please, just grabbed this little brown and white goat kid. Naturally the damn thing started bleating, but Max was already running. He was running so fast he fell over and the goat kid got away from him, so I had to jump the fence and get it, too. I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing, I just wanted to get the damn goat and get out of there before some guy in overalls and a shotgun caught us. So the goat runs away from me, and I'm hunched over chasing it, and it finally runs into Max's arms, and we beat feet across the farm back to the fence and back to the car, and we drive back through the valley with this goat. I drove the way back and Max held onto that like it was his baby. "We get b