Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 9

Ulysses and the Fugitive 3 bedrooms. Ulysses heard the clanking and scattering of inanimate objects that resulted when Giles was looking for something. Giles’s customarily exuberant, “Ah-ha!” meant he had found the vitamin C. He returned to sit on Ulysses’ floor. “You got some water, mate?” “Yeah, here we go,” Ulysses said, passing Giles a fresh bottle of spring water. “Excellent, and here you are,” said Giles passing Ulysses a vitamin C tablet. They swallowed their pills and talked a while, giving the vitamin C some lead time to get into their systems. After about a half-hour, Giles used a pair of tweezers to pass Ulysses an amount of acid approximating three to six hits. The strips of paper were tiny and had something written in micro text along the bottom. Ulysses strained his eyes to read it. He thought his left eye was going to burst a blood vessel, and then he saw it: White Shining Bolt. The words were squished together, lower case, and in some sort of excessively bubbly text. No wonder Giles couldn’t read it. Ulysses placed the paper on his tongue. Giles was already waiting for his to dissolve. When his di ssolved, Ulysses stood up and stretched his back a little. He got restless waiting for drugs to kick-in. “What do you think?” “Eh, we could wait here until we peak; then go wander around once we’ve evened out. Figure it’ll be a bit darker by then too.” “I guess that works.” Ulysses sat back down and tried not to fidget. The pair made chit chat and had another beer while they waited to peak. Eventually they were smiling uncontrollably and having a hard time following their own conversation. They agreed to have few moments of silence while they adjusted. Giles watched lights and shadows play across the tent wall, while Ulysses stared intently at the seam of the ceiling. “I think this stuff was double dipped.” “Yeah.” They both began laughing manically. * * * The acid evened out for both men eventually. Giles fumbled with the tent zipper and then they both lurched out. Ulysses silently anticipated a long, strange night. “Where to?” Ulysses asked. “Dunno, mate. Wherever looks interesting I suppose." “I don’t know about you, but everything looks interesting right now.” Their laughter was raucous and simultaneous.