Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 8

Ulysses and the Fugitive 3 “Sorry, I had to. No, no, you’re right. When we head back let's get a little toasty. Maybe I’ll dose too, who knows? Either way, after that I should be feeling more relaxed.” “Cool,” said Giles. "But what I meant before was how do you think I ought to relax in the real world? You know, in boring life?" "Ah," said Giles, "that was a deeper question you asked me." Giles stared at an installation they were passing. Ulysses recognized the stall tactic but waited for his friend to reply. "Well, Lee, that's really up to you. You said you were feeling pretty good when you were doing yoga, and that you got something out of going to a psychologist a few years back. Maybe start with one of those two since they've worked before?" "Hmm, yeah. I guess I could do yoga to start. Maybe once I get a job with benefits I could go to therapy." "Sorry, mate. I hate to tell you to do stuff you already know about, but I'm a believer in using what works. They worked for you before, try 'em again." "It's all good, Giles." Ulysses said, smiling at a group of jugglers walking by. "Thanks for the input. Sorry to bug you with my real world problems on the playa." Giles waved his hand in dismissal as they walked through the heat. * * * “What’s the flavor?” “Should be white something-shine, or white something-bolt.” Giles was staring intently at the blotter paper through the clear baggie, inspecting it through glasses he refused to wear in public. “Fuck it. This ought to do it, whatever the fuck it is.” “How much are we taking?” “Eh, it's supposed to be double-dipped, but as you know, that’s bullshit most of the time. I am going to air on the side of caution because this,” Giles said holding up the baggie so Ulysses could get a good luck at it, “is an unknown quantity. So I think five for me, and you can have whatever you think’ll do you right. I usually take a ten-strip to get a decent trip these days.” Ulysses nodded, “I’ll probably start on three. See where it takes me. If this shit is weak, we’ve got more acid and more days on the playa ahead of us.” “You are a gentleman and a scholar, my friend.” Ulysses grinned, “Don’t tell no one now, you hear?” They both chuckled a little. “You got any vitamin C?” “Yeah, in my pack,” said Giles, “here, I’ll get it. Hang on. Might have some me self.” Giles went to his side of the tent behind the built-in plastic partition that separated the tent into two