Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 6

Ulysses and the Fugitive by Alfred Underhill Chapter 3 - The First Night of Burning Man M aking camp was easy enough. Ulysses and Giles set up their tent and stowed their gear. They also had a small six foot by six foot pavilion that they tied landscaping fabric to, which maximized their shade inside the pavilion. “Looks good, eh?” Giles said. “I think so,” replied Ulysses. “What you say we have a beer and then go take a look around?” “Sounds good, mate.” Giles pulled some hefeweizen from their cooler, handed one to Ulysses. They twisted off the tops and clinked a cheers. They watched and commented as people went by while they drank. With camp set and their thirst quenched, the pair wandered. They strode through the rapidly assembling burn, getting their bearings. Major and minor landmarks were spotted: the effigies for burning, a few bars for drinking, some theme camps, the RV section, a bit of everything. People were everywhere. It looked like the circus had come to town and the freaks let loose, but no one was performing: they were just being themselves. A man in goggles wearing a g-string rode by on a unicycle. A topless girl with giant bunny ears attached to her fedora sat in a lawn chair drinking what looked like a mint julep. Two very chatty men walked by holding hands, lost in conversation; one painted orange, the other red. A couple in their late 20’s followed with their toddler perched on his mother’s shoulders; the toddler was engrossed in restyling his mom’s afro. “You know,” said Ulysses smiling, “it really is like the smaller burns turned up to eleven. It’s definitely way bigger. I think it’s the size that actually makes the difference.” “That’s what she said,” said Giles grinning, “sorry, I had to. No, I dunno, mate. This here is Black Rock. I think it’s more than size that makes it special. This is the original burn, so to speak. I think that's what sets it apart.” Ulysses nodded, waving to a woman on stilts striding by; she herself waving to everyone she passed. “Hmm, I wond W"( 6BVǗ76W2vF6r7FBG( FRf77FBv&FV( 6VBvW27VFrBFRG( 27FW&"( ( 6BVǗ76W2( ĒV6^( 27WFRB'WB6VVrW"W7BrFRRvFW