Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 4

From the Publisher e are now a quartlerly Journal. We made this decision very carefully, after considering our market, the respectability of quarterly journals, and the expectation of opening up our journal to submissions. We did not, I repeat, did NOT, decide this after a two-minute conversation based on the fact that 4 is fewer issues than 6. That’s a rank calumny, and he that repeats it will be shot. Shot, I say. W That being said, the advantage of a quarterly journal is more time to put in more awesome stuff. and that’s what we have for your here. We have two chapters of Underhill’s Ulysses and the Fugitive, so it’s safe to say this story is going places. Weird places. We also have another installment of The Meditations of Caius Caligulia, which I appear to have written on a dare. The dare being “make Caligulia relatable, without all that obtuse gabble from Camus’ play”. I forget who it was that dared me. Theses things just happen. Additionally, you’ll see Drunk Vampire Hunter and The Chamber of Pain, which seem to be in competition to which can be the most ironic while still being Goth. One of them appears to be what happens if a Goth wrote the plot to Star Wars. Somehow I doubt J.J. Abrams has ever listened to Bauhuas. Finally, or rather, firstly, you’ll find A Small Collection of Bad Aphorisms, by Mongomery Finneus Beaumont IV. It’s like Jack Handy if Jack Handy was that guy who kept telling you about the time he smoked some totally righteous kush on his off-year trip to the Actual Bodhi Gaya, man… One thing further. Since most of you view UJ on a digital device of some kind, we long ago made the decistion to make our pages single-column. This looks les “magazine-y”, but is easier to read. You’re welcome. Enjoy! Thomas Fitz Publisher