Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 31

The Chamber of Pain Gareth absorbed this without commentary. The Metavox was the Voice of the Living Way, an avatar of pure light and goodness that came to those Bindu brothers who were purest and truest of heart. This was an honor and a boon unlooked-for. Yet Gareth felt only the goodness of the thing before him. He waited yet. “I am come,” it said, “to be with you in your struggle.” “My struggle against Lord Avrankes? And Emperor Stygius?” “No,” said the Metavox, “your struggle against yourself.” “But…” said Gareth. He had come so far. He had seemed to do so well. His masters on the Council had great faith in him. True, he was only a professant, and he had much to learn of the living Way, but this seemed hardly a suitable response at this hour. “It is not I who have me imprisoned and tortured,” said Gareth. “True,” said the Metavox, “It is the Bindu.” “Nonsense,” said Gareth. “The truth bears many resemblances to nonsense,” said the Metavox, “chiefest of which that many decline to believe it when it is first spoken.” “The Bindu would rescue me if they could,” “Of course,” said the Metavox, “and rightly so. You are of them and they of you. They do not order your suffering directly, nor do they profit from it. But they are responsible for it nonetheless.” “I had a mission,” said Gareth, “Had I succeeded, I would not now be here.” “You do not know that.” “A thousand turns of fate could have intervened to spare me from Avrankes’ clutches.” “True as far as it goes. But had you escaped him now, you would merely have been captured or killed at another time. That is the structure of the time you inhabit and the life you live. The Bindu have shaped you for nothing else.” Gareth scowled. “I am a warrior and a vessel of the Light. I am glad to offer my life…” “…For the sake of the propagation of the Light, yes yes. They have taught you well. And your loyalty has never been in doubt. But the fact that you count your life as so little but proves my point. You do not know many secrets, Gareth. You are a young Bindu. What could Avrankes have learned from you that would enable him to do them a fatal blow?” “It is not my place to ask such things. Would you have me turn traitor?” “Of course not. Such would poison your soul. But you have been preparing to cast your life away since you were a boy. Does it not occur to you why you must do such a thing?”