Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 24

Drunk Vampire Hunter you. You think you’re dead, or you want to be dead. But you’re not. You’re not dead. Whatever ate your soul and broke your life is dead. You aren’t important enough to kill. Accept it. Fucking accept it.” Her head sank. I could feel hot tears. I wanted to be sympathetic but good men were dying behind me. “Your mistress… she had the Gorgolem under her auspices, right? Under her control?” She nodded. “Then you’re gonna tell me where the duster is. We need it. That thing — “ I point behind me “ — could tear this whole county to pieces in a day. Tell me where the duster is. There’s always a duster. Not even a vampire sits on one of those things without a way to send it back. Where is it.” She gulps hard and closes her eyes and reaches into a pocket. I’m about ready to not believe my luck when out comes a little ugly crystal pendant, black and faded, hanging on a plain chord. “Do I need any stupid incantations?” I ask, burping. “Just throw it,” she says I nod and turn back to the fray “Please,” she says “What?” I say. “I wanted to… I wanted to … destroy it” she says, rocking back and forth on her haunches. “Then there’s something of you left,” I say. “Get drunk and forget about it.” I take off again. Gorgolems are something like the golems of Jewish arcanity, but they’re bigger and uglier and meaner and they can kill with fire and with cold and they really just cannot abide existence. Sometimes vamps like to keep a screamer - a tiny mystical portal that summons a Gorgolem from the ash of Hell - around to show off to their dorky bloodsucker friends. Yes, even the undead one-up each other. It only makes me hate them more. This particular vamp seemed to have the screamer tied to her sanglerie, what the Cainites call their… “life- level”, I guess you could call it. Which is to say, the screamer was prevented from going off by a mystical connection to the literal blood inside the master vamp I killed. When I killed her, the screamer went off. The Gorgolem rose… some time after. Instantaneously by demonic time. I had some hoary old blind Benedictine explain demonic time to me once. It makes about as much sense as a round triangle. I needed a lot of drinks to get right after that conversation. Be grateful I’m not sharing. Anyway, the screamer went off, sometime while I was asleep, and the Gorgolem rose, and the Hospitallers were fighting it, and losing. But I had the thing you needed to send it back to the dust of the earth and the