Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 16

Ulysses and the Fugitive 4 Ulysses watched the young woman scooping rice and beans into her mouth with her bare hand. The plastic fork that came with the plate had fallen onto the ground. "Don't moop!" Chirped Robyn, but it was clear that bed sheet girl either didn't hear her or didn't know that she was being addressed. Her entire focus was on getting as much of the food off of the plate and into her mouth as fast as possible. Ulysses mouthed, "it's cool" to Robyn before pointing to the fork by the young woman, whom met his eyes and then looked at the fork with indifference. He picked up the utensil, which had become matter out of place, or 'moop', and put it in his pocket. He still held his burrito in his other hand, so he turned his attention back to his own meal. The strange young woman burped loudly after shoving the last shallow handful of food into her mouth. She looked over at Ulysses's burrito, then rolled up the paper plate. Looking satisfied, she bit the end of the roll off and began to chew, and then promptly spat it out. Everyone laughed. Bed sheet lady looked around to each of them and then began laughing herself. Her laughter was strange, alternating between being too high and too low. "Fuck, table manners," said Robyn. "This girl needs to be housebroken!" Which started a new round of laughter from everyone except Ulysses, whom had crammed the rest of his meal into his mouth and was awkwardly trying to chew. "Okay, enough with...whatever your shtick is," Carrie said when the laughter died down. "What's your deal? Where are you from? I know you can understand me." Bed sheet lady's gaze was quizzical. "From? From? Fruhm? Froom?" She repeated the word, playing with it. Carrie gave her a sour look. "I think she's a foreigner, " Ulysses said, barely managing to project his voice above a whisper having just choked down his burrito. "Let me see if I can get her to take me by wherever she's staying. If that doesn't work, I'll find a ranger to help her out." "Fine, whatever, boy scout. I just want her out of here. I didn't come here babysit or watch someone do their impression of the Yip Yips. You can do your good deed, if that's what you're really after." Carrie's gaze was fierce despite Robyn stroking her hand. Ulysses just nodded in response. He walked over to bed sheet girl. "Hey," he said standing over her, extending his hand, "do you want to go take a walk around? Maybe you can show me where you're staying?" The young woman looked up at him and extended her hand to Ulysses. She didn't grip his hand in an effort to stand up; she just held it there, extended parallel to his, and stared at him questioningly. Ulysses smiled and gently gripped her hand in his and began to pull. Recognition dawned on her face, and the next moment she was on her feet. "Shall we?" Ulysses gestured for her to follow. She looked at him appraisingly for a moment before bending down to reach a mismatched collection of plastic containers that held playa dust. Holding the stack gingerly she came over to Ulysses. He smiled at her and began walking with her close behind him. UJ