Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 15

Ulysses and the Fugitive 4 looking for handouts due to poor preparation. Radical self-reliance was one of the principals. He shook his head as he chewed. If Giles was fucking in their tent again this burn, he wouldn't worry about making anyone uncomfortable; he'd worry about making himself a sandwich. Ulysses was roused from his thoughts when he noticed someone had moved in very close to his right. He turned his head to see bed-sheet lady leaning over him, peering at his food. Her eyes were a stark yellow and her expression was almost feral. "Uh, hi?" he said. "Do you need food?" She met his eyes and her face turned blank and distant, like she was concentrating very hard. She mouthed something a few times, before saying, "Hi." The word was clipped and unnatural sounding. "Yeah, hey," Ulysses responded. "I apologize if my friend was rude to you earlier." The lady continued looming over him with her blank expression. She's probably foreign, he thought. "Would you like some of my food?" He gestured to his plate. "Food?" The word sounded a little more natural. "Here," he said, scooping up his burrito and handing the lady his plate. "I haven't touched that yet or used the fork. It's all yours." She slowly extended both hands to take the paper plate and just as slowly retracted them holding the plate. "Aww, you made a friend!" Said unicorn onesie. "Hey, so do you all know each other?" Ulysses asked, trying to change the subject. "I know Carrie!" Belted unicorn onesie. "I know Robyn" Shouted green bandana. "I don't know anyone here, but my name is Tim." Said mesh shirt guy. "Nobody cares, Tom!" Shouted Robyn, followed by a, "Just kidding, Tim." The only person who didn't say anything was bed sheet lady. When she noticed that everyone was looking at her she made a sound akin to an 'V"&Vf&R7&֖rFgVb&6RB&V2FW"WFW Ɨ2FRVB66r6W226R6WvVBBW"vR&G66RW7B&R7F'frFVv@VǗ76W2&VW6VB$wr6RvB&Rv&vVW2b6RV&VB6RF&RW'2"6B6'&RgFW"ƖvFr6v&WGFRfbbFP'WGBbW"&WfW2R$'WBFW&Rw2F&RW&RvRw&RƖRWG6FR"Fw2f6Rv2F֖B$vVƖvBbW"7FW&gVw&7bFR'fW2FFRB&6FV6&RW"w&6VgV6VBWfV"6'&Rw2f6RBVFvRFBFRF66Vǒ7V7BFR7G'V7GW&FVw&GbFRVv7F6&'VvVB