Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 14

Ulysses and the Fugitive 4 engrossed in her task. She's weird, but gorgeous, thought Ulysses as he wandered on with his friend. * * * Ulysses wandered by his tent and paused. It seemed like it was quiet inside. Perhaps it was safe to enter once again? The start of Wendy's high pitched moaning let him know that he'd be better served by wandering around some more. He didn't begrudge Giles and Wendy, he was just tired. He wanted to sit down and eat something. Ulysses knew his friend wouldn't care if he went into the tent for a moment to grab some food to eat in the shade structure, but he wasn't sure how Wendy would feel. She didn't seem like the shy type, but Ulysses didn't want to chance making her uncomfortable. Besides, Giles had been trying to get laid since he got off the plane in Denver. If he fucked up Giles's fucking, he probably wouldn't hear the end of it. It had been a bit of lucky break that he and Giles ran into Wendy while they were wandering earlier. She had greeted Giles with enthusiasm and was game to wander with the two of them. Her and Giles began chatting each other up not long after, which eventually steered the trio's wandering back toward the tent. Ulysses had kept moving once they were inside. Now he was trying figure out where to take himself next. He pulled the bandana down from his face to swig some water. The sun had set about an hour ago, when he'd left camp on his own the first time. People in many camps were either eating or preparing food. Maybe if he just wandered by camps that were eating, someone would have extra he could scavenge? It wasn't very radically self-reliant of him. He had turned down some chili offered to him the other day, yet he had actively scavenged for coffee yesterday. Unsure of what else to do, he wandered in search of food. Eventually, Ulysses was able to score a burrito and some extra rice and beans from a camp that had made too much. He thanked his benefactors profusely before moving on to find a place to sit and eat his found bounty. He wandered down a few rows, looking for a place with some free space to sit. He spied a camp with a giant Jinga stack and only a few people sitting near it. "Can I sit here?" he asked, looking at the little group. A mustached man in a mesh shirt and goggles gestured for Ulysses to sit. Nobody else by the Jinga stack seemed to pay him any mind, so he sat down a comfortable distance from the stack and began to dig into his scavenged meal. He glanced around, trying to get a better look at his fellow burners. A lady wearing a green bandana and overalls smoked a cigarette while she held hands and debated the finer points of single-payer healthcare with another lady swaddled in a unicorn onesie. They were loud. Mesh shirt guy seemed to be putting a lot of effort into pretending not to listen, yet his occasional eye-roll betrayed otherwise. There was someone else on the other side of the stack that Ulysses hadn't gotten a good look at when he approached and couldn't see now that he was sitting. He casually leaned over to see who it was and saw that it was the girl in the bed sheet from earlier. She was huddled close to the Jinga stack with her knees drawn up and her arms crossed over them. Her head was covered in some kind of silver wrap. Her eyes darted to meet Ulysses, so he causally leaned back into sitting upright. I'll just finish eating my food and be on my way, he thought. Ulysses took another bite of his burrito and stared at the wooded planks of the tower in front of him. He mused about how he'd acquired the food he was eating. Ulysses didn't like scavenging at burns, nor did he like people who espoused, "the playa provides" as more than a relieved thanks or as a joke. It was one thing to accept something as a gift, it was another to go