Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 13

Ulysses and the Fugitive 4 2. 3. 4. 5. Gifting Decommodification Radical Self-reliance Radical Self-expression 6. Communal Effort 7. Civic Responsibility 8. Leave No Trace 9. Participation 10. Immediacy Each principal was equally important, and it was common knowledge that they were supposed to be held in tension with one another, sometimes conflicting or contradicting. The principals also provided a blueprint for the values that many burners tried to practice in the real world. * * * "Cor, look at her!" Made Ulysses turn his gaze to where Giles was staring, his mouth hanging open and collecting dust. He expected to see an attractive woman doing some sort of acrobatic performance art. Instead, he saw a tall, wide-eyed young woman staring intently at an art installation standing about thirty feet away. The installation depicted a human ass with a cell phone protruding from between the cheeks. She tapped at the surface of one of the cheeks tentatively, looking the whole thing over, before wandering on. She was wearing a bed sheet. Ulysses looked at Giles. "Moving on to space-case art chicks, eh? I'm surprised she's your type." "Fuck off. Did you see her? How many space-cases could walk a runway anywhere in the world?" Ulysses was pretty sure the number of space-cases walking runways was higher than Giles estimated, but he kept that comment to himself. The lady certainly was beautiful. "Maybe you ought to go talk to her then?" "I think I will!" Giles said, already walking toward her. The young woman had stopped a few feet from the art installation and had begun scooping dust into a container. Ulysses watched Giles walk over to where she crouched scooping dust. He could see Giles trying to talk to the woman, but she didn't seem to acknowledge him. This was the kind of awkward scene that Ulysses rarely got to see Giles wade through; even from thirty feet away it was entertaining to watch. He really was trying to get her to engage with him. She looked up at Giles said something and went back to scoopin g dust. Whatever she said caused Giles to do an about-face and walk back over to where Ulysses stood. "She not want to talk?" Ulysses asked smiling through the bandana covering his face from the nose down. "I'd say not. No." "What did she say to you?" "Forget it. Let's keep moving." Ulysses looked over to where the lady crouched scooping dust into her containers. She seemed totally